Our FAQs

We’ve tried to answer the most frequently asked questions below. If there are any questions that aren’t listed here, please get in touch. 


We offer a very high level of finish at extremely competitive prices – just check out our ratings. Our customer service is unparalleled when compared with our competitors, we aim to be the best in the industry!
We provide a years fitting guarantee with each wrap. This is not to be confused with the wraps life expectancy. Our guarantee simply guards that your wrap has been correctly and professionally fitted. More details of your guarantee and vinyl warranty will be provided in a booklet given to you when your wrap is completed.
This varies from project to project. Typically a full vehicle wrap is 4-5 days, but the more complex a job, the longer the vehicle will be needed for. We will always make you aware of the expected time span of your project.

We use a range of different materials, all of which are well known industry standard films.

Brands include: 3M, Avery Dennison, Hexis, Oracal, TeckWrap, APA, Vvivid, Sott and KPMF.

We advise that if you wish to use an automated car wash, that you use a brushless one. The brushes can sometimes be too abrasive and may cause risks of lifting film edges on exposed trims and panel corners.

A jet wash is completely fine to use, but use at arms length away while taking care to stay away from edges and join lines.

We do promotional offers from time to time. Like or follow our Facebook page for updates of these.

We are qualified in both wrapping and paint protection film installation.

For wraps: Avery Dennison certified. For PPF: XPEL factory certified.

Our location is:
Dawlish Road, Matford Barton, Exeter, Devon. EX2 8XW

A map can be found on our “Contact” page.

Monday – Friday 9am – 6pm.

We usually aren’t open weekends, but exceptions are made for certain bookings or appointments.


A full vehicle wrap replicates a paint job to the closest extent possible. To put it simply, vinyl wrap is effectively a giant sticker that is formed around your vehicle and made to look like a factory finish.
Wrapping your vehicle offers a level of flexibility unmatched in the customising industry. Its a straight forward process, and the after care of the product is very easy. Any look can be achieved with wraps.
Most things can be wrapped as long as they already coated with primer or paint – vinyl wrap needs these coatings for something to adhere to. For a more precise answer to your question, just drop us a line!
We have a choice of over 1000 colours, which are all viewable in person at our shop. Theres enough choice to cover everyones taste!
Wrap will not damage OEM (factory) paintwork, it will actually protect it. If your car has existing damage such as chips or lacquer peel, be sure to get these treated before your wrap… it will not only provide a better finish, but also prevent further damage.

Life expectancy varies depending on your chosen vinyl, but typically it ranges from 3 years to 10 years.

We provide a wrap care document with each wrap we do so you know how to correctly care for your wrap. The most simplest way of perfectly cleaning your wrap is to use PH neutral shampoo in warm water with a soft sponge or microfibre, and simply hose down afterwards.

Wrap is a more cost effective way of changing the look and colour of your vehicle, it even provides finishes that paint cannot match. You also don’t run the risk of devaluing your vehicle!

Paint Protection Film

PPF is a clear, extremely tough and durable film that is virtually invisible once installed. Its the best product you can use to protect your vehicles paintwork.

Hexis BODYFENCE paint protection film comes with a 10 year guarantee.

PPF is designed to be invisible, but isn’t actually invisible. Its a physical barrier between your paintwork and the elements, so up close there will be signs of its existence.

The film appears invisible from the manufacturers recommended inspection distance of 1 meter.


Decals is otherwise known as livery, stickers or sign writing. To put it simply, this is cut text, logos or printed imagery that is custom made by us to your specification, and then applied to your vehicle.